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Software for Estimate Calculation Using Rural rates for Employment

MGNREGA State Mission, Rural Development Department

Government of Kerala

Latest News

  • LMR Updation - LMR updated for all Districts
  • LMR Updation - Code 0982 and Code 0983 are changed to the same data as in PRICE
  • Wage Rate revision - Unskilled wage rate is changed to Rs.271/-

SECURE (Software for Estimate Calculation Using Rural rates for Employment) - for Mahatma Gandhi NREGA is customized software of PRICE (Project Information and Cost Estimation), which is used in PWD, Government of Kerala. PRICE is a total solution for estimate preparation and online approval. It is developed for the Public Works Department, Kerala. PRICE is based on CPWD Schedule of Rates, Specification, Rate Analysis and cost index. Central Public Works Department, Government of India (CPWD) releases the revised version of Analysis of Rates and Schedule of Rates every year.

Based on the input from Mahatma Gandhi NREGA, Kerala, Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India decided to implement the Customized software SECURE for preparing estimates in NREGA works in Kerala. The scope of the estimate preparing module is to develop a work flow based web application comprising of estimate preparation, generate AS & TS slip for Mahatma Gandhi NREGA works. In Kerala, Mahatma Gandhi NREGA work estimates are created based on the PWD SoR. The rates for materials and Skilled/Semi Skilled Laborers are based on 152 Block rates as envisaged in the GO (Rt) No 93/2012/LSGD dated 31.3.2012. These rates would change once in 6 months.

Now, Government of Kerala, as per GO (Rt) No 2624/2015/LSGD dated 25.8.2015 approved the proposal for introducing SECURE Software and adopting CPWD Data and PWD Local Market Rate (SOR). The LMR is based on different rates in 24 locations of the 14 districts. These rates would change once in 3 months.

  • The entire work flow gets standardized.
  • Estimate accuracy can be ensured.
  • Verification of entire works by the PO and the DPC.
  • The provisions in Sec 14(3) (c) of the Act observed without disturbing the Power of GP to accord AS.
  • Universalizes the system of issuing TS by a Committee.
  • The wrong classification of items into materials will get eliminated.
  • E Governance ensured with transparency (Office noting can be also be seen).
  • Estimates creation time is very less, recalculation of estimates automatically when ever LMR changes.
  • Management Information System (MIS) reports can be generated.
  • Transparency in estimate preparation and file movement.
  • Speedy approval of estimates which reduces delay in issue of AS & TS.
  • Centralized user management system.